Cold and Gray, Winter Day

I’m sitting at the kitchen table looking out the french doors to the cold, gray day outside. Winter is usually an ugly season…unless it has just snowed and there is that soft silence and everything is covered with white. The trees have no leaves, the grass is brown, and the sky looks dull. Well, I see a little green outside, from the evergreens, but that is about it.

I really just don’t understand how some people can say that there is no God. These same trees that I’m looking at now, that appear so dead, will in just a few short months begin to bud. Leaves will uncurl. Flowers will bloom, and the yard will become a sea of green. God sets all of nature in motion each year. Wow.

When we were in Ohio last week I looked out the van window as we were driving down one of the many long, country roads. A vast tapestry of black velvet stretched out before us. I looked up at the glittering stars and was once again reminded that God is in control. I serve a God who wanted there to be stars in the heavens so He just called them into existence. Amazing.

When visiting with my dear friend who just had a baby a few months ago, I was in awe. This sweet child was perfectly formed. He breathed. He swallowed. He digested his milk. His eyes tracked his mommy as she moved around the room. He knew her voice. He was fearfully and wonderfully made. How could anyone believe that there is not a loving Creator?
The same God who creatively made our world, loves us. He made us with a desire for Him. Some people choose to ignore that desire, to shove that in the back of their mind. How sad, to miss the opportunity to know God. His love for us is incredible, actually too much for our finite minds to comprehend. He can take people whose lives look as dead as these winter trees, and make them new. They can have lives they never thought possible, with just a touch from His hand.

I have never understood how some people say, “Being a Christian is just a crutch. You want to believe in something that just doesn’t exist. You have to be strong and stand on your own, because no one else is going to be there for you.” Those words pour out of a hollow heart. A heart that has never been allowed to be moldable by the Potters Hand. How can they believe God doesn’t exist? Doesn’t it make more sense to believe that there is an Intelligent designer rather than believe that everything just came together without a real purpose? Doesn’t it take MORE faith to believe that everything is in such random order, it just happened…. then to believe in a Creator?

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