Happy Anniversary

I am only going to blog for a minute tonight. I will fill everyone in on our exciting trip to Maryland and Ohio tomorrow. Today is Scott’s and my 2nd anniversary. Wow. It really seems a lot longer than that. Of course I only mean that is the best sense. hehehe….. Now most couples who have only been married for 2 years would still be in the “what are we going to do for our anniversary, dear?” stage. Honestly, Scott and I (of course because of our great wisdom and maturity) are only interested in getting some sleep and (hopefully) some peace and quiet tonight. We sound old. We had a good trip back home today but 5 people being cooped up in a van together for hours is a bit nerve wracking. I knew it was a long trip when Scott started pretending to be Judy Garland as he sang Somewhere Over The Rainbow. What’s even more scary is that I thought he sounded pretty good as Judy. What really had me worried is that he started singing I’ve Been Working On The Railroad and I started singing back up. I was the “do-wop” girl. What is even scarier than that, is that our children have camera phones. Uhh…..I hope the two of us don’t end up on You Tube.

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