On The Road Again

The Gibson family is getting ready to leave for their 9 hour drive to Maryland. The weather here in Tennessee is kind of yucky and rainy. I think the weather is not supposed to be all that great up in Maryland either. Please pray that we have a safe (and uneventful) trip up the road. I haven’t seen my aunts, uncles and cousins in a few years so I’m excited about this Christmas visit. I also am excited that I get to “show off” my new family. Scott will fit right in as an “old school” gamer. My family loves word games so they will enjoy playing with the Boggle king. I’m sure we will have fun. I’m also sure that we will gain weight on this trip. (I’m not going to think about that!) If I don’t get the opportunity to blog for a while just know that it is because I’m so busy enjoying Christmas. I’ll blog all about it when I get home.