A Shave and a Haircut…2 Boys!

Okay, I’m weirded out a little bit. Bradley is 16. He is as tall as I am, he’s been shaving for about a year now. Kendrick is 12, he is also as tall as I am and his voice is beginning to change. My little boys aren’t so little anymore. Sometimes I will disassociate myself from the situation and just try to look at them objectively. I can’t believe how fast they are growing. It scares me too. I don’t think I’m ready for my boys to start turning into men. I know I don’t really have a choice…but I’m just not ready yet. I realize I still have some time left, let’s face it they don’t seem very “manly” when they are rolling around on the floor wrestling, or making gross bodily function noises and giving themselves a high five for it. Yuck. Then they definitely seem their age! I have such hopes and dreams for them. I long for them to grow up to be the kind of men that others look to for direction . Strong both in mind and body. Kind to those they meet, and always willing to help others. Loving husbands and fathers. I want for them to be men after God’s own heart. Men that will desire to study His word and apply it to their lives. Men who have a passion for the Lord. Do you remember the movie Passion of the Christ? One of the most touching scenes of that movie (besides the actual crucifixion) for me was when Mary was having flashbacks of when Jesus was a toddler and then a little boy, then a teenager, and finally she was drawn back to the present watching her son carry His cross. Those scenes pulled at my mothers heart. How must if have been for Mary? To watch her son grow, knowing that he was fully human, yet fully God? When she grabbed his little toddler hand in her own, or washed his dirty face, when she tucked him in at night, or watched him play, when she saw him work with his daddy, or want to go on walks by himself. I guess I got to thinking about all that because Christmas is so close at hand. Christ the Savior was born. Sometimes I get so caught up in the holiday festivities that I don’t give full due to the fact that God humbled Himself and came to this earth as a child. That is still so amazing to me. Merry Christmas to everyone.

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