Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to all my family and friends.

May you look back with gratitude and look ahead with a good attitude. Take time to thank God for all He has done to bless…. and forgive yourself for all the rest.


I have a theory…

I have a theory that laundry multiplies faster than rabbits on speed. My theory suggests that for every one piece of laundry that must be washed, 2 more take it’s place. If one puts off doing the laundry for a few days than the pile of dirty clothes becomes unmanageable. I found some of Scott’s socks trying to sneak off underneath the bed skirt. I caught them just before they were able to completely sneak off under the bed to multiply. It was a close call. My underwear supply is getting dangerously low. I don’t like that feeling at all. I mean what if I happen to be in an accident? The rule is that one MUST have on clean undies, I wouldn’t want hospital staff laughing at me. I can just hear it now, ” Hey Doc, look at this lady! She has on dirty underwear. Didn’t her mama ever tell her about the clean underwear rule?” Laundry is such a pain. Gather it, sort it, put it in a basket, get it in the machine, dry it, fold it, put it away. Only to start over again. Ugh!! Yes, I get the kids to help with this unrelenting task, and I do appreciate their help, but I’m still the laundry CEO. The buck stops with me…or should I say the stinky sock stops here?!

Oh, just great! I hear the dreaded buzzer on the dryer. I suppose that means I must get up and go get the laundry.

Samson has us trained

Samson is one of our cats. He is a long haired cat with a lopsided ear. He is a blackish-brown color (depending on the light). The thing is this–he is most definitely a cat, but he truly believes he is human. What is really scary is that in the morning I’m the only one up (well, I should count Samson…he’s always up when I’m up) and so I am TALKING to the cat while I fix my breakfast and fix the morning coffee. He looks at me and I believe he understands me. (What does that say about me? Either Samson is a very smart cat or I am so pitiful that I’ve taken to a Dr. Doolittle persona.) He really is a funny cat. He LOVES paper. Anytime there is paper on the floor ( and he is not picky) newspaper, textbooks, a W-mart bag, whatever… He goes and lays down on it. What is his love of paper all about? Just recently he has taken to patting the french doors off the kitchen. He wants out on the deck. I think he likes to watch the birds. Now all he does is sit and stare at one of us until we let him out on the deck. If that doesn’t work he gives us a pitiful meow. Right now he is staring at me. I looked at him. He turned his head. Now he is ignoring me. I’ve been slighted. Fine!! You win. I’ll get the door.

Dumb Blondes or Dumb Men?

Yes, I realize that this is my second blog for the day, but I just couldn’t let this one go.

I just saw a story on FOX news about how men act dumber around blondes. Is that hilarious or what? Now being that I’m a blond twice over (blond throughout childhood, hair darkened in young adulthood—I didn’t like it, so I chose to take matters into my own hands and make myself blonde once again) I found this story interesting of course.

Yes, I know there are all those dumb blonde jokes out there (written by envious brunettes, I’m sure) and that some people see blondes as ditzy or goofy, but I beg to differ. All of us know (and yes, as I said, I am a blond) that hair color has nothing to do with ones intelligence. Ladies, let’s face it, blonde, brunette, redhead, black, hey even if you have purple hair…..men act goofy and silly around pretty women regardless of what color their hair is. That is just men for you. This is not big news. This is just the way it is.

Alright, guys before you get mad because I stated you act goofy around pretty women, just get over it. You know I’m right.

Thanksgiving Or How I Am Blessed

Thanksgiving always seems to sneak up on me…and well, here it is again! This Thursday is the big day. I try to think about all the things I’m thankful for and all the ways I’ve been blessed on a fairly regular basis, but this week I’m especially thinking about it.

There are all the obvious things that I am thankful for… food to eat (never have I gone hungry), a house to live in (never have I had to worry about shelter), clothes to wear (I have a nice warm coat for this cold weather), and good health (yes, I have some health issues, and though they can be a nuisance, they are nothing life threatening).

There are things that I am thankful for that are unique just to me. Things that have personal significance and mean so much, even though on the surface some of these things might seem odd for me to be thankful for.

I’m thankful I was born in the United States…. I’ve always enjoyed freedoms that so many in other lands do not have. I never had to worry about bombings, oppressive regimes, or starvation while growing up. I’ve always been proud of the country I live in and think that even though we might have some problems, we are still, hands down, the best country in the entire world.

I was born into a loving Christian family. I had parents that loved me and made sure I was taught about Jesus. (I’ve always thought my mom is one of the most intelligent women I know….hope some of that has rubbed off on her eldest daughter!) We attended church weekly and I knew that God loved me and Jesus died for me. I’m thankful that in 1979 I made a decision to give my life to the Lord and then to follow in baptism.

I’m thankful for my sister. I don’t tell her enough that I think she is a great sister. Sure she drove me nuts many times as we were growing up. She mercilessly antagonized me until I blew up and threatened her life…..but I also remember playing with her, wanting to share a bedroom with her for a while, and having her hang out with me when I was in college and she was still in high school. She is now a great wife and mommy and I am proud of her. (though even now she likes to challenge me and beat me at games whenever she can!)

I’m thankful that I have relatives that lived close by my entire growing up years so that we could get together on a regular basis for birthday parties, holidays, and just to hang out with each other. My cousins were more like brothers and sisters then cousins. I’m thankful for all my wonderful memories from childhood, memories I look back on with an affection that can never be replaced.

I’m thankful I had the opportunity to attend a small Baptist liberal arts college, 500 miles from home. I learned to live on my own. I made friends. I took on responsibilities. I studied hard. I graduated with a bachelor of science degree.

I’m thankful for my very first job in a small, rural town in the mountains of Tennessee. I was an outsider. (Sort of a modern day “Christy”.) I grew to love my students and they grew to love me. I’m so glad I started my teaching career in that school system. I learned a lot about people. I learned that poor doesn’t mean ignorant, and that community pride is contagious. After that experience, I went on to teach individuals with special needs over the next 15 years and have gained many hilarious, touching, and sad stories to think back on and muse over. I feel like I made a positive difference in the lives of my students and their parents.

I’m thankful that I married when I was 24 to a man that taught me a lot of things about life, and then taught me a lot of things about dying. When he got diagnosed with his terminal heart condition I learned about human nature and emotion and how he dealt with the knowledge of knowing he was dying. Dying can be a difficult, scary and ugly business. (After all, we are all dying it is just that some of us realize this fact and others don’t.) It was a painful lesson in many, many ways. I learned that being widowed was not the end of my life–and God is still good and He continued to bless me even during that most difficult of times.

I’m thankful for my son. Due to a medical condition, I wasn’t sure if I’d even be able to get pregnant ….but to my great delight after 9 months of a near perfect pregnancy and just 2 days after my 27th birthday I was given one of the best gifts ever. A beautiful, healthy baby boy. I will be thankful to God for the rest of my days, for allowing me the opportunity to be a mommy.

I’m thankful that after 5 years of widowhood God blessed me with another husband. True, we didn’t meet in a conventional way but there is no question in my mind that he is the one that God chose to bring into my life. We are coming up on our 2nd anniversary shortly, and yet it seems like we’ve been married much longer. (is that because we are wiser and more mature this time around, or we just have lost our sanity and don’t know any better? The jury is still out on this one:) I love my husband and am glad that he loves me too!

I’m thankful that I have the opportunity to love and be a motherly influence for all of my husband’s children and family. There is plenty of love to go around…that is the great thing about love–you can’t “out love” someone. The love tank just keeps getting refilled. As much as I am teaching them, they are teaching me too. I’m blessed to have them in my life.

I’m thankful that I was able to resign from my teaching career and become a stay at home mom. I enjoy the new life style of home schooling and am grateful that I live in a country that allows my husband and me to teach our children how we choose.

I am a much blessed and very grateful woman. I challenge you to think of all your blessings. Thank God for all He’s allowed in your life, and have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!

Are We The Frog In The Hot Water?

We’ve all heard the story about how if you put a frog in hot water he will jump out of the pot….but if you slowly turn up the heat of the water he won’t know he is being cooked and will contentedly sit in the pot until it’s too late.

A young Christian girl in Colorado was valedictorian of her class last year. She included a few brief sentences about Jesus in her speech and was told because of this infraction she would not be receiving her diploma. (freedom of speech only as long as you don’t talk about your Savior.)

This week I hear on the news that many hotel chains will no longer allow Gideon Bibles in their rooms. (but they are considering adding condoms instead.)

We are told to start saying, “Happy Holidays” instead of “Merry Christmas” or to buy the family a Dream tree instead of a Christmas tree.

Some schools in California are allowing students to recite Islamic prayers and to wear traditional Muslim garb to earn extra credit and are calling it “diversity”. At the same time any reference to our founding fathers religion or mention of a Creator in textbooks is seen as archaic or at least not necessary.

The Ten Commandments are having to be removed from a lot of buildings. What will be next? The motto In God We Trust?

I don’t know about you, but it seems to me every week there is something else on the news about how another part of our Judeo-Christian heritage is being taken away from us. In the name of political correctness, diversity, or tolerance we, as Christians are told not to be so “exclusive”.

I just wonder if we will wake up one day and wonder what happened?

Hip Home Schoolin’, But Still Old Fashioned, Mama

I changed the look for my blog page. I thought it looked cool. At least for now. I might change my mind next week. haha!

I’m glad today is Saturday. It is more relaxed. I am introspective about myself enough to know that I have a problem with relaxing. I’m always thinking that I should be doing something. It is true that there is always something that I could do…but I stress myself out because I will never be able to accomplish everything. I need to rest more often. Honestly, sometimes my perspective gets out of whack… and as all of us mamas know, the laundry and dishes will still be there for us later, right?

That aside, last night I started wrapping Christmas gifts. Now, that was actually fun. I enjoyed it. I’ve bought just about all the Christmas gifts already and have most of them wrapped. I find it fun to pick out “just the right thing” for those that I love. I’ve always enjoyed giving gifts. Most years I have “theme” gifts and I try to locate items that go with the theme that I’ve picked out for that person. Okay, so you can think I’m a dork if you want too. I don’t care. (but if I catch you calling me a dork then you go to the bottom of the Christmas list for next year!)

This morning I’m up. I fixed some cinnamon gingerbread coffee for myself, and for hubby who is still asleep! Though, on his behalf I must add that he has been sick for the past two days with a sore throat and a cold. He needs to rest so he will feel better. I’ve been making him tea with honey, having him eat chicken soup, and drink plenty of OJ.

Yesterday I was looking through Knoxville’s Holiday Events page on the internet. I want to take each of the kids out separately to participate in a Christmas activity. (I like to affectionately call this a “mom date”. I know the kids smirk at that, but secretly they love it when I take them out and each has my undivided attention….and when I am gone one day, they will have some good memories to look back on.) I think I’m taking Kendrick to the lighting of the downtown Christmas tree and carriage rides. I’m taking Breanna on the Victorian house tour (decorated for Christmas). For Bradley I’m thinking maybe ice skating on Market Square. I want to take all the kids to see A Christmas Carol at Clarence Brown Theatre (with our home school group), and I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY want to go to the Tennessee Theatre (circa the turn of the last century, that recently has been totally renovated and is absolutely gorgeous–it’s like a walk back in time) to see the original black and white version of Miracle on 34th Street. I am very “old fashioned” in so many ways.

Okay, well I better go. Stuff to do, ya know.

P.S. I’m now reading Little Women on my Sony Reader. (the merging of the old and new, huh?)