Work That Makes You Happy

I’ve heard it said that if you find something in life that you love to do, it won’t seem like work. (even if it is!) Now, I did enjoy my teaching job. It was always more about my students then the actual teaching, I guess. I enjoy people so it is only natural that I’d like to teach. Though in all my many years of teaching I never felt I was good enough. Whatever “good enough” means. I suppose I always wondered if someone could teach these children better than what I could do? I tried to make learning fun. My personal philosophy is that learning should be fun. It shouldn’t be something that children are “forced” into, but more along the lines of something that they just can’t help themselves from…the love of learning that will last a life time. I think people who stop learning are boring. I really mean that. We’ve all met people like that. The kind of person that you can’t get away from soon enough because they haven’t told you anything new in the past 10 years. On the other hand, don’t you love the kind of people who never stop learning and they are all the time saying things like, ” I read somewhere that …….”, or ” let me show you this cool new thing I found out about….”, or ” what do you think about so and so….tell me your opinion.”

Besides the teaching, another thing I really have fun with is decorating. I’ve always been a very aesthetic person. I love the way things look…be it beautiful architecture, the morning sun streaming through the window, a perfectly placed pillow on the couch, a well prepared meal, or beautiful children in their Sunday best. I’ve always loved to decorate. I like to run my hands over the softness of chenille, or the crispness of fine linens. I love to feel the texture of high thread count sheets, or the creaminess of silk. I’m absolutely terrible when I go to places like Bed, Bath and Beyond because I’m always touching things! Just between you and me, I’ve been tempted on numerous occasions to throw myself head first onto one of those makeshift beds they have there. You know the kind that they display their sheets and comforters on. They always look so fluffy and soft. I just want to try it out. But alas, I’ve managed to contain myself for fear of them calling security on me. I have a ton (probably literally) of decorating books that I can sit for hours and look at. I also subscribe to at least 3 different magazines that teach me how to decorate. Now you might be thinking to yourself, “Why is decorating important in the big scheme of life? How is decorating going to make the world a better place?” This is true. Good decorating is not going to bring world peace…but it is still fun and I like it a lot. I enjoy painting. I like to refinish furniture. I think stenciling is fun. I believe organizational strategies for the home are a gift from the Almighty. Yeah, I’ve got it bad. I’d watch HGTV all the time if Scott would let me. I used to subscribe to This Old House and actually managed to get my hands on a copy the other day. I read an interesting article on remodeling a loft in NYC and a good article on engineered wood products. Okay. I admit that might seem a bit strange, but then again I never said that I wasn’t strange. It could be worse, ya know. I could want to be a politician:)

One thought on “Work That Makes You Happy

  1. Dawn,
    I can’t believe that you thought you were not good enough. You were a wonderful teacher and your children grew and flourished under your care and attention. You saw the wonderful changes in them and so did their parents. What a wonderful blessing you were to your students. You are an excellent decorator too. I hope you don’t start charging for decorating advice. What would I do without your questions… do you want warm and cozy or cool and contemporary? Love you, Your Sister

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