Hip Home Schoolin’, But Still Old Fashioned, Mama

I changed the look for my blog page. I thought it looked cool. At least for now. I might change my mind next week. haha!

I’m glad today is Saturday. It is more relaxed. I am introspective about myself enough to know that I have a problem with relaxing. I’m always thinking that I should be doing something. It is true that there is always something that I could do…but I stress myself out because I will never be able to accomplish everything. I need to rest more often. Honestly, sometimes my perspective gets out of whack… and as all of us mamas know, the laundry and dishes will still be there for us later, right?

That aside, last night I started wrapping Christmas gifts. Now, that was actually fun. I enjoyed it. I’ve bought just about all the Christmas gifts already and have most of them wrapped. I find it fun to pick out “just the right thing” for those that I love. I’ve always enjoyed giving gifts. Most years I have “theme” gifts and I try to locate items that go with the theme that I’ve picked out for that person. Okay, so you can think I’m a dork if you want too. I don’t care. (but if I catch you calling me a dork then you go to the bottom of the Christmas list for next year!)

This morning I’m up. I fixed some cinnamon gingerbread coffee for myself, and for hubby who is still asleep! Though, on his behalf I must add that he has been sick for the past two days with a sore throat and a cold. He needs to rest so he will feel better. I’ve been making him tea with honey, having him eat chicken soup, and drink plenty of OJ.

Yesterday I was looking through Knoxville’s Holiday Events page on the internet. I want to take each of the kids out separately to participate in a Christmas activity. (I like to affectionately call this a “mom date”. I know the kids smirk at that, but secretly they love it when I take them out and each has my undivided attention….and when I am gone one day, they will have some good memories to look back on.) I think I’m taking Kendrick to the lighting of the downtown Christmas tree and carriage rides. I’m taking Breanna on the Victorian house tour (decorated for Christmas). For Bradley I’m thinking maybe ice skating on Market Square. I want to take all the kids to see A Christmas Carol at Clarence Brown Theatre (with our home school group), and I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY want to go to the Tennessee Theatre (circa the turn of the last century, that recently has been totally renovated and is absolutely gorgeous–it’s like a walk back in time) to see the original black and white version of Miracle on 34th Street. I am very “old fashioned” in so many ways.

Okay, well I better go. Stuff to do, ya know.

P.S. I’m now reading Little Women on my Sony Reader. (the merging of the old and new, huh?)