Well, we are leaving for Ohio tonight. Five and a half hours from here. This is our family adventure. We are checking out the central Ohio area to see if this is where we want to live. Tomorrow and Friday we will be spending a good part of the day looking at houses that I have lined up with a couple of different realtors. This should all be pretty interesting to say the least. Say a prayer for us…..that we have a safe journey and that mom (yes, that’s me) doesn’t lose her cool, or have a break with reality somewhere along the way. I want this to be a productive trip…I want to learn something about Ohio while we are there. I don’t want to have to be forced to pitch any of our children out of the van door—while we are driving. (If I’m honest, that thought HAS briefly crossed my mind on previous trips.) On that note, I’ve got some packing to do.