KUB and other Annoying Things

KUB stands for Knoxville Utilities Board. Now, I appreciate that KUB exist as they are the ones that allow me to have electricity and running water which I am rather fond of… BUT I do not like what they’ve been doing to the streets in my neighborhood for the past few months. Right now I am listening to them dig holes in the street, right in front of my house…..with all their big digging machines. This has been happening on and off for a few months now. Evidently, there is some drainage “issue” that they are working on. The street looks like a band of drunk moles has descended on it. Holes have been dug up all over the place and then so beautifully “patched”….which in real life means ugly asphalt slapped into the holes that KUB has created and that will probably break apart when it gets cold this winter, but I digress…. Now, my question is this: Why can’t they get it right the first time? Why must they keep coming back to the same area several times? And what does this mean for the street? Am I going to be driving down my street one day and my car drop into a hole that takes me half way to China because some sink hole has been created? I just heard a loud mechanical sounding BANG from outside. Okay, this can’t be good.

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