Rainy Day Tuesday

Finally, some good rain around here. We need rain! It has been an extremely dry summer and fall. I like gray, rainy days. I guess I’m just weird. (which if you know me, you know that can be the case!) Speaking of weather…how sad about the fires out in California. Now, California is known for it’s severe (and often catastrophic) weather. Earthquakes, mudslides, fires. I can’t say that I would ever want to live in California but, it is still terrible seeing all those houses go up in flames. Don’t you hate it when a reporter sticks a microphone in a “newly homeless” person’s face and says, “How do you feel?” Well, now let’s think about it….How does he think they feel? They just lost EVERYTHING. I mean really, sometimes news people can just be soooo dumb.

Now, once again speaking of weather (can you see a theme today?), I watched Storm Chasers last night. Such a cool show! No, these scientists do not have a death wish, at least I don’t believe they do, but wow was it scary! They made this car thingy that looks sort of like a plated tank. It has weights in the bottom of it to make it extremely heavy. The guys are taking wind readings etc. so they drive right into the tornado in this vehicle. The vehicle is shaking and all, but it stands firm. (How do these guys not need a diaper?) Of course, being the practical person that I am, I say to my husband, ” I bet they have to pay A LOT for their insurance, if they can get it at all.” You know how on insurance forms you have to fill out that section that asks if you do any crazy, stupid, death defying things and that you must confess it to them before they will insure you…..

I love watching videos of the tornadoes too. Of course, as I watch I’m yelling, “What are you doing just standing there?! It’s coming! Run for your life! Where’s your basement????” Then you hear the person taking the video say something like, “Cool dude. This is like a monster storm. Did you see that farmhouse just get smashed? Oh, man, it’s turning, it’s coming this way.”

I mean wouldn’t you hate to be him? His tombstone would read: He thought taping tornadoes would be fun, but here he lies because he didn’t run.